How To Stop Message Request from Others On Instagram

How to stop non-Facebook friends from sending messages on Instagram

Messages from your Instagram friends, businesses you’ve already connected with and people on Marketplace will always be delivered to your Chats list. Anyone else you haven’t chatted with before can only send you message requests and can’t text you unless you reply to their message request.

You can choose to receive or not receive message requests for the following:

  • People you follow or have chatted with on Instagram.
  • Your Instagram followers (even if you don’t follow them back).
  • Friends of your friends on Instagram.
  • People with your phone number in their phone’s contact list. Keep in mind that someone with your phone number does not need to be an Instagram connection or Facebook friend to reach you.
  • Everyone else on Facebook and Instagram.

You can also choose to have message requests go to your Chats list or Message Requests folder from your settings.

To know How to stop non-Instagram friends from sending messages on Instagram, Watch the video or Follow this simple steps :

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. tap your profile picture in the button left.
  3. tap on Menu three line icon on top left.
  4. tap on Settings.
  5. From the menu, tap Privacy.
  6. Tap on Messages Delivery.
  7. Tap on Others on Instagram.
  8. Select Don’t Receive Requests to stop receiving messages.

Messages that are likely to contain spam may be filtered on Instagram , even if they come from people you’ve allowed to send you message requests or messages to your Chats list. This spam filtering will not affect the messages you get from your Instagram friends.

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