How to Change WhatsApp Phone Number


How can I change my WhatsApp phone number?

If you changed your phone number and kept your same Phone, you can change your number within WhatsApp. Before proceeding, make sure that your new number is activated on your phone and that you can receive SMS messages and phone calls.

This process will:

– Delete the account associated with your old number, so your contacts will no longer see your old number in their lists of WhatsApp contacts.

-Migrate your account payment status, groups, profile, and chat history to the account with your new number.

To change your phone number in WhatsApp,Watch this Video or Follow these Steps:

1- Insert the new SIM card with the new number into your device.

2- Open WhatsApp

3- Click on Menu Button

4- Click on Settings

5- Click on Account

6- Click on Change number

7- Enter your old phone number in the top box

8- Enter your new phone number in the bottom box

9- Tap Done at the top of the screen

10- You will be prompted to verify your new phone number Congratulations! You have successfully change phone number in whatsapp

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