how to set a static IP address in OS X


how to set a static IP address in mac

How To Set Up A Static IP in Mac OS X

When organizing your home or small office network sometimes it can be easier to assign each computer it’s own IP address rather than using DHCP. Today we take a look at how to do it in OS X, Watch this Video or Follow this Steps:

1- From the Apple menu, select System Preferences then Select Network

2-From the sidebar, select an active network interface. In this example, I’m connected to a Local network, so I’ll select Ethernet, if connected to a Wireless network, so I’ll select WiFi.

3- Make a note of the current IP address assigned to your Mac. You’ll need to select a new IP address from within the private IP address range listed.

4- Click Advanced.

5- Select TCP/IP. The window shown below appears.

6- From the Configure IPv4 menu, select Manually.

7- Enter a static IP address in the IPv4 Address fields

8- Click OK.

9- Click Apply.

Congratulations! You have successfully set a static IP address for your Mac.

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