how to Unblock Numbers / Contact On Viber


In this article you can find the steps that allows you to Unblock anyone that is blocked on Viber. watch the video or Just follow this steps:

1-Open Viber. Navigate to your phone’s home screen and locate the Viber application. The icon shows a white telephone on a purple background. Tap on this icon to launch the Viber app.

2-Open the app’s menu. Do this by tap on the Menu button located on the lower right hand corner of the screen.

3-Tap Settings.

4-Open the privacy settings. This is done by tap on “Privacy” on the Settings screen.

5-Tap on “Block List”.

6-Tap on UnBlock to Delete a number from the Block List. Simply locate the number you’re looking for and tap the “Unblock” button alongside the number to remove it from the list

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