how to Install QuickTime on Windows 10


This article will show you A step-by-step description of How to Install QuickTime on Windows 10 to do that, watch the video or just follow this simple steps:

1- Open Browser to Download QuickTime

2- Click on Download Now and the download will start shortly

3- Click on View Downloads OR Go to File Explorer then Download Folder

4-Right-click on the file “QuickTimeInstaller” then choose “WinZip or WinRAR”

5- Then Click on “Extract to folder”

6- After Extract Finish open QuickTimeInstaller folder


7- You should now have a folder have 4 files






8-Double Click on AppleApplicationSupport file and click “OK”, “Install” etc. until the install finishes

9-Double Click on AppleSoftwareUpdate file and click “OK”, “I accept” etc. until the install finishes

10-from Application List Run “Apple Software Update”

11-Wait until the software finish Checking for new software

12-Check on QuickTime Then Click on “Install”

13-you can open QuickTime application using the shortcut file created on your desktop or using Windows search

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