how to installation anycast


AnyCast Installation

How to Installation Anycast G2

tutorial will guide you on how to set up & use Miracast on mobile.


ِAnycast dongle allow you to mirror your mobile screen to another TV or Projector wirelessly, Well, you can easily do so using the Miracast technology. It is easy, quick and secure. This video will show you how to installation and setup and use Miracast on mobile, or follow this simple steps:


1-You find in anycast package box

1- anycast dongle

2- HDMI Cable

3- USB Power Cable


2- connect HDMI Cable to Anycast dongle

3- connect USB Power Cable to Anycast dongle


4- find HDMI Port in your TV then connect anycast HDMI cable on it

5- find USB Port in your TV (if there is no USB port plug this cable in power ??) then connect  USB Power Cable on it

6-  this button to switch between AirPlay/Airmirror MODE for APPLE Device and Miracast MODE for Android Device

7- on TV Remote Control Click on Source/Input Button then select HDMI Port that Anycast dongle connect on it

8-  open your phone then go to WiFi and connect to Anycast

9- open internet browser

10- type anycast IP : then press enter

You get three option:

1- make dongle connect to WiFi AP

This is to connect anycast dongle to your WiFi Network

2- switch mode between Miracast and DLNA

This is to  to switch between AirPlay/Airmirror MODE for APPLE Device and Miracast MODE for android Device (work same the button in anycast dongle)

3- Settings

To change anycast dongle settings like upgrade framework or change language …etc

11- Click on make dongle connect to WiFi AP

12- Click on Scan

13- Select your WiFi then type wifi password then click on connect

14- connect your mobile to same WiFi you connect anycast dongle on it

15- open Play Store then search for miracast and download and install it

16- click on the button on anycast dongle to switch AirPlay/Airmirror MODE to Miracast MODE

17- open Miracast App then click on connect then active wireless display

18- back to mobile settings on NETWORK Click on … More then click on Wireless display then active wireless display the anycast name appear click on it then back to Miracast and click on Connect

Enjoy mirror your Mobile screen to TV

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