Automatically Save and Recover MS Word files


How to set Save AutoRecover feature in MS Word

Automatically save and recover Office files

Sometimes a Microsoft Office program closes before you can save changes to a file you are working on. Some possible causes include: A power outage occurs. Your system is made unstable by another program. Something goes wrong with the Microsoft Office program itself. Although you can’t always prevent problems such as these from happening, you can take steps to protect your work when an Office program closes abnormally.

1.Run MS-Word

2.Click on File

3.Click on Options

4.Click Save

5.Select the Save AutoRecover information every x minutes check box.

6.In the minutes list, specify how often you want the program to save your data and the program state.

7.TIP The amount of new information that the recovered file contains depends on how frequently a Microsoft Office program saves the recovery file. For example, if the recovery file is saved only every 3 minutes, your recovered file won’t contain your last 2 minutes of work before the power failure or other problem occurred.

8.Optionally, you can change the location (specified in the AutoRecover file location box) where the program automatically saves a version of files you work on. Crashes happen. The power goes out. And sometimes, people accidentally close a file without saving. To avoid losing all your work when stuff like that happens, make sure AutoRecover and AutoSave are turned on.

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