How to Show Any Saved Password in Web Browsers


to ensure no passerby steals your password. However, on some occasions, you may want the password to be visible. Maybe you have made a mistake while writing the password and now you want to see the mistake to correct it instead of entering the whole password. You may also depend a lot on a browser’s built-in password manager to autofill password fields, so there is a good chance you might have forgotten your password. To to that just follow this simple steps:

1- In any website which contains your saved password, right click on the password box and click on Inspect element.

2- You’ll now notice the bottom quarter of your screen filled with codes. You only need to focus on the highlighted (in blue) part to reveal the password.

3- Look for type=”password” and double click on it. Replace the word ‘password’ with ‘text‘.

4- It should now look like type=”text”. Hit Enter.

After you’ve changed that, the text behind the asterisks or bullets will be revealed.

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